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any company sponser for a work visa in europe?(VC++ developer)

hi, there,

i'm an experienced VC++ / MFC programmer from china.

i want to go to europe and earn more money. :D

i can speak english & not that fluent German.

well, is that possible?


my email: cndv3996@163.com
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Assume you are really from China, RMB is quite strong now in comparison to Euro$ and US$. So if it is only for monies sake alone not worth it BUT if your reasons are beyond monies like say better quality of life, more vibrant political surrounding, more freedom for expressing own opinions, better welfare, better education, better medical etc than it is good.

Now even if you want to go, would those overseas employers want you? Some countries protect their own citizens by giving job priority to their own so it is hard for you find a foot-hold there. You can only try your luck at more "open" countries that welcome "foreign talent" so as to speak.

Btw, my country is one that welcome "foreign talent" and it is currently suffering from own citizens anger for letting in too many foreigners without proper screening of their credentials and their contributions :)
thank you for the opinions, sohguan,

you are from singapore? so you are also a chinese?

i'm really from china. more real than a pearl. (in chinese, hope you can understand) :D

the value of RMB is rising, but not so fast as the rising of price of house and food.

i think if i can get a work in europe i can get a higher salary,

high enough to make me can enjoy a not so bad life after retirement.......... :)

Thank you for your query.

If you like to go for Germany to live and work, this is very advantageous to learn German language. The demand of IT personnel is increasing there. You can apply for job from china. After having job offer, you will start visa processing.

Another option, you can take admission in any German University as the tution fee is very low there. After completing higher study (even a Master degree for one year) you will be able to extend your visa for one year to search related job in Germany.

All the best.


thank you for the advices, kelowna.

i agree with you.

i think go on with German learning, and being able to speak German fluently is best way for me. :)
Are there really more opportunities in German than most of the world with English being a common language?
Currently a lot of European countries are facing economic crisis, think of Greece and others following suit. The rare few that are able to remain strong is Germany and a few. Germany also caught in-between. Give too much monetary aid to fellow European cousins will increase their own country budget so yes I would think Germany is currently enjoying the limelight now.

Of cuz, we need to look forward and not back to their World War II days.

the problem is not language, rather the limit of work visa for a foreigner.

i'm actually a game programmer.

there are more game companies in USA, than in Germany.

but USA's H1B work visa is not everyone can get, even your english is good enough.....

about world war 2 days, old japan empire gave chinese more pain than germany.

so everyone in china hate that japan empire, but seldom anyone hate germany.

i had ever been to germany for 2 years.

but then i didn't pay much attention on german language learning,

so i lost the chance to work there.

now i decide to perfect my german, no matter i will / will not go back again....... :)
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