Required c

Hi All,

Skill Description – C++

• Strong C++ experience.
• Java exp./ knowledge be added advantage.
• Strong Database & UNIX experience.
• Good analytical skills and ability to deep dive into problems and provide solutions.
• Any Database experience.
• Good customer handling experience would be nice to have.

Experience : 1.5 – 2.5 years
Working location?
So many sad attempts at recruiting these days... No location, no details, no mention of specific company, posted randomly to any and probably every job forum, no mention of responsibilities, no mention of education, unusually narrow windows for experience, etc. This is a fail.

Let me tell you have to get a fulfilling career in software: network. Networking opens doors. If you're after a "real" job, you want to be recruited by someone who is targeting you and specifically you.

I have to laugh when I get the old copy and paste, "I found your resume online", etc. inquiry. Unless there's evidence that this person read your resume, forget it. I expect to see my name, specific details of my experience, and the target company in any serious inquiry. I urge everyone who is serious about your future to do the same.
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