Looking for C++ Tutor

Ok so I am looking for someone to help me learn C++ i know the core basics up to around pointers, but I can't make it into actual programs and books don't help me comprehend things that well.

My only problem is that I can barely afford a tutor. I am a teenager and my parents are fine with me getting some help, but they won't help me pay for it. If anyone at all can help me that would be great. If you really need me to pay the most I can do an hour is maybe $10, but only like once a week.
You don't have to pay anyone to teach you C++, this site's tutorials cover a lot http://cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ and if you have any specific questions that is what the forums are for =) enjoy
no. i want a person to teach me. I mentioned that tutorials dont help me.
If you can't read a step by step explanation with fully functional tutorials, then how do you expect a live tutor to be any better? If you can't learn from those, someone typing the same information real-time won't help you any more. Perhaps you will get the basics, but what happens when you "graduate" and actually have to figure stuff out for yourself? There won't always be someone to outline everything for you, so you might as well learn how to take care of yourself early.
i'l help you, add me to messenger lich2king@yahoo.com
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It's not that people don't want to help, but it's whether or not they have time to help you. Learning somebody C++ can be time consuming, especially if they work. Payment isn't necessary, that's what forums and tutorials are for. If you're willing to pay, purchase a course.

lich2king, do you have solid knowledge of the C++ basics? If not, I wouldn't offer the services.

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Yeah, tutorials, books, forums, and courses are the best options. Finding a good tutor for any language is like finding a needle in a haystack. I would be severely weary of anyone offering help , especially on their first post, as they may not have a clue about C++ outside of simple I/O and functions. If you are unwilling to read any of those, then it brings to question your motivation. I have been toying with C++ for 14 years and just started taking it serious, in a 19 chapter book I am already to chapter 13 and doing every example in the book when I come to them and even trying ideas of my own to help me understand the books information.

With programming of any kind, you MUST be self motivated and willing to do anything. Your unwillingness to read tutorials makes that look shaky at best.
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That's true .....'Finding a good tutor for any language is like finding a needle in a haystack.'......I experienced the same when I was learning the 'C'...but I did it myself with the help of books, informative websites and forum too. What you need to do is to stay FOCUSED on what you reading ...so you can understand better!
Well, I am on the eighth chapter of a book, it just seems that I cannot expand programs. It would really help if someone could give me a program to make. I am at the point of learning pointers, I have covered things like functions, classes, inheritance, and other things.
Wait a second. I just noticed that this is the same guy that posted a 4 man team wanting artists and programmers for a 3D-MMO with RPG elements. If you are learning C++ thinking that you will negate the need for programmers then you are in for a major wake up call. Just knowing functions, classes, inheritance, composition, structures, pointers, references, etc won't make you read to make the project you have in mind. Maybe by this time next year you will be in 3D game programming. It takes a good year to get use to C++ comfortably, then about a year to get good at 2D. So it may be two years before you even start on your MMO. You are looking for a 3-5 year span before you even start your MMO and then you are looking at a good 2-5 year for developing it.

The thing that scares me is that you said you read functions, classes, inheritance, etc and can't expand your program. Having a tutor won't fix that. knowing just functions would allow you to expand your program. Classes and inheritance add to expanding it. Wondering if you have the wrong book for reading.

[Edit:] MMO POST http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/jobs/50235/
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haha... my friend posted that and I am learning c++ to help him :) lich2king, when are you online
Its great that you are learning it. This doesn't take away the fact that it will be years before you are ready to attempt the project of your "friend". Secondly, with the internet, no one is going to willingly believe that you and the other post are two different people. Reason is that you both sound the same in your outlooks on this project. You come across as majorly over ambitious considering it will take close to two years before you are even ready to make a simple 2D RPG, let alone the time that will be required to become good enough at programming to do a PvP third person shooter, with free roam with RPG elements. Once you and your "friend" get to your senses you will stop daydreaming and start a much, much simpler project.

Again, I can't say this enough, if you aren't learning from a book/tutorial then a tutor won't make a difference. The thing you are having trouble with is something you learn from experience. A tutor is just the same as a tutorial. Again, lich2king only has a few posts and hasn't shown he knows a lot about the language. If you can't learn from the tutorials then you won't be able to learn from a tutor because the tutor will be typing the exact thing the tutorials say. If you can't expand your programs then you need to re-read functions and classes as they are what you use to expand your program (that and libraries). You both need to stop thinking so big and start small like everyone else does.
i'll tutor you via skype for free. im very passionate about programming especially c++ even though i am learning still myself i will teach you all of the knowledge i have aqcuired (which is up to pointers and lnked lists)
Hello. I have a solid base of knowledge for C++, and will be willing to help you for a cheap price. We can negotiate the price at another time. First off, send me an email at donbosco2039@gmail.com, or visit my website at www.CityTechGames.webs.com. I look forward to spreading my knowledge to one eager to learn.
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CityTech, I'm a trusting person, but the first post you make is for a site that looks thrown together in a few seconds, on a free hosting site with ads. I can understand start up companies online, but there is a huge issue with trust on that. If they pay you then you could easily take the money and run. In the same way they could get you to tutor them and then not pay. There are just too many trust issues with that. Sounds more like a scam to make money than a way to help people.
BHX, I understand this issue, as I started my "company" a few days ago, and am optimistic about it's future. As of now I literally have no money in my budget to buy a domain and pay for hosting. I'm hoping tutoring can cover those expenses. As for the trusting problem, I am willing to give a lesson, and then get payed from lesson to lesson. I understand the concern you show, and I know it first hand, as I have been scammed many times before. I will work and then get payed, to show I am not the scam-artist here.
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contact me via PM if you are still looking for C++ tutor.
PM if still looking.
If you still looking for help ..Search "programming abstractions stanford" in www.youtube.com .
Its good C++ Video Lecture from Standford University . It has 27 lectures , each is about 40 to 60 mins . I am sure you will like it .
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