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C++ Developer for Gaming in Northern Virginia

KINEX is a small IT company that develops C++ applications that create a virtualized environment. We support a 3D scene generator (think first person shooter game), models for sensors (acoustic, seismic, RF, ...), and the distributed computing technologies to bring them together. We also integrate complementary capabilities, such as streaming video for zero latency gameplay.

We're looking for developers to add to the team, who are interested high performance geospatial and distributed applications and software engineering. We develop primarily on Linux although we support the applications on Windows, and we're moving into Android. Our primary need is for C++ development, however we also do Java work and web applications in Ruby on Rails.

The work is on-site and full time. KINEX offers competitive salary and health, dental, disability and retirement benefits. The atmosphere is casual (jeans, ...) and communal. We sit in a common area, and we encourage collaboration with peers to solve challenging problems.

If this opportunity is your style, send along your resume to careers@kinex.com.
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This sounds interesting and right up my alley, but rings hollow. You make all these claims and make it sound so official with careers@kinex.com but upon going to kinex.com I get search engines saying you don't exist. If your 'company' has its hands in so much where is the site to show this? In this day and age every company has a site showing their abilities and everything.

Getting sick of these job posts trying to sound official and failing in so many areas. *sigh*
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True, true; it is the day and age where we should have this information available at http://www.kinex.com/. It's in the works, but we're not there yet.

We are a small company, founded by IT practitioners, that has grown by word of mouth. We've never had the need for a web site for internal or external marketing purposes, but the need to attract talent has out grown our networks.

On the flip side, it's great work, good people, ... and there's no down side in responding; why not give us a chance?
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I support the new group.Although I'm a game programmer,I can't apply your position.^_^ I'm not locating in us now.
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