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C++ and Infrastructure Architect

What about you?
You are a passionate and hands on senior C++ developer
You love the hardware and OS that your code runs on almost as much as you love the code itself
You know how to wrangle non-blocking IO to create C++ servers that are fast, performant, and scale
You know what a unit test is, and how to use it
You strive to work in a continuous deployment environment
Core dumps and GDB don't scare you
You like trying new things and solve problems that might be a bit out of your skill set
You like 3D, either in your movies or in your games
Easily juggle multiple projects and likes wearing many hats

What about the position?
Lead the engineering of our motion generation server and it's related services
Work directly with our researchers and PhDs to realize the algorithms that make the magic happen
Production-ize the magic...make it stable and make it scale
Help with the roll-out of our system onto more and more machines and ultimately to the cloud
Help build more automation into our development and deployment

What do you get from us?
Get to be a core part of our lean and mean engineering team
Learn from and mentor other smart and passionate engineers
An agile development flow which strives for ultimate developer nirvana
Regular interaction across teams with our animators, motion capture director, and our CEO
Fun in San Francisco

At least 7 years experience developing software
A degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
Hands on experience with Boost C++ libraries
Experience with C++ client/server applications using HTTP
Hands on experience with setting up and managing Linux servers
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