Employment at Google

Hi guys,

I would like your opinion. I will be graduating college. Google currently has openings for "Software Engineer" and "Software Engineer in Test".

1) When applying for a job, do you usually apply for a specific position?
2) Is it ok to apply to both positions?
3) I would assume that the majority of people would apply for "Software Engineer" than "Software Engineer in Test". It seems like the advantage would be to be a bit more creative at work as an SE versus an SE in Test. What do you think? Do a lot of people apply for the Engineer in Test position?
4) Lets say for example the majority of people apply for "Software Engineer" (70%) and the rest (30%) apply for Software Engineer in Test. Would the chances of getting the SE in Test position higher?
5) Lastly, lets say I am allowed to only apply for one position. If I apply for the SE position, would it be possible to be considered for the SE in Test position if I am not qualified for the SE position?

Sorry, I realized this forum is for job recruitment. I have posted in the Lounge section instead.
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