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Sentinal Interactive - OpenGL Game Engine:Paid

Dear Forum,
My name is Mendi Meyer, Technical Director at Sentinel interactive, a professional online game development company. We're currently looking for OpenGL programmers who are extremely knowledgeable in C++ programming. We are currently developing an entire game engine from scratch and plan to make it simple yet effective and powerful. As soon as the engine is finished 2 of our 4 supporting companies, Irem and Sierra will pay every programmer for their efforts.

We have over 150+ people working on Galactic Outlaws, a 3-D MMO air based combat game with which the game engine is intended for. The programmers for the game(54+ staff) are not allowed to work on the project until the engine is complete.

We look forward to hearing back from you by email only: m.meyer@vxtream.com

For more information please view our deviantART page and our temporary website found here:

Thank You,
Mendi Meyer
Sentinal Int. Technical Director
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