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Need help upgrading an old c++ program

I am looking for anyone who can help me out with this one. We had a programmed developed back around 1999-2000 using an old version of c++. It runs fine on a 32 bit system but will not run at all on any 64 bit system. I have the full source code for it and basically what I need is to have it re-compiled so it will run on newer machines that run 64 bit systems. The self extracting.exe is about 3mb. The actual program is a construction calculator. It is the computer version of our handheld model basically.

If anyone is interested in tackling this for us, please let me know. I am below a novice when it comes to this so if posted this incorrectly or if you need anything else, please let me know.

email: jason@jobbercalculator.com
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When you say "system", I take it that you mean Windows?

Or does it work cross-platform?
yes, I do mean windows. I would love to have it developed in an html5 format. That seems to be the way to go from what I have read.

I know that windows 64 bit systems run 90% of 32 bit programs. Ours isnt one of them. Can't get it to install to save my life.
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Let me clarify. I'm not asking someone to do this for free. I will certainly pay to have it done. Just don't know what all is entailed.
I had a quick look at your web site, and I spotted a couple of things:

1. Problems with installing on 64-bit Windows : is there work required on the installation package, too. If so, what install tool is used?

2. .Net is mentioned. Is that for the calculator, or another piece of software.

The amount of work does depend on how the program was written. Given its age, there might be issues relating to running as a restricted user, but these should be minor given the nature of the application (most likely to do with how it stores its configuration).

Also, do you know if the program was written with straight WIN32, or using MFC? Or even another library? And the tools used? (Possibly Visual Studio 6.0, going by the age??)

This information would help you attract the right kind of programmer.

It would probably suit a junior-ish programmer, who's up to speed with WIN32 GUI programming, who's looking for things to add to their resume.


P.S. As you have you own web site, and if it's possible, putting up some sample fragments of the code would help people decide if they were capable of working on it/understand the required libraries/etc. A piece of typical code plus the "scariest" bit would provide the best guage.
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Hey Andy,

I have someone looking into right now. From what he said, it was written using MFC and was done using VS 6.0.

I don't know about any work needed on the installation package. The .net framework was for another program. I eliminated that off the website today.

He is suppose to let me now if he can do it which I hope he can. He saw this post and contacted me yesterday.

If it doesn't work out, I will do what you recommend about the sample code fragments.

Thanks for your time. I really need to get this up and running.

OK - hope it works out.

The info' about MFC is quite useful. Only people who own have access to a paid-for copy of Visual Sudio will be able to help, as MFC doesn't come with the Express version. Unless you want it ported from MFC to some other GUI library, which would be a lot more work.
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I'd like to see source code.

Do you want me to take care of this? In fact, I have been working with MFC/C++ more than 7 years. I am working for both 32bit and 64bit support on Windows now.
Contact me if you are interesting.
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I certainly appreciate the response to helping me out. Like I mentioned, I have someone working on it now and hope to have a beta version this weekend. If it does work out, I will certainly get back with you guys. Thanks again.
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