New Simulation Engine

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is a simulation solution provider since 1990. Our flagship product, Enterprise Dynamics, is a leading simulation solution development platform, used by a broad range of customers in industry, transportation and logistics. Enterprise Dynamics has a reputation of being the fastest and most productive simulation development environment.

The field of computer simulations is rapidly evolving taking advantage of all the cutting edge developments in the computer hardware arena: multi-core processing, high performance 3D graphic etc. These developments mandate a new approach to the underlying simulation platform architecture, which is being totally redesigned.

INCONTROL is looking for visionary software engineers to extend its core team of simulation platform developers. The main areas of development are:
• Multiprocessing, multiplatform simulation logic kernel (C++, Lua, Linux, Windows);
• Integrated simulation model development environment (our own IDE built using Qt);
• 3D VR engine development (Ogre SDK, Open GL).

Job profile
You work as software developer in the core team of Enterprise Dynamics platform developers. Your activities range from participation in the definition stage of the platform functionality, designing the software solution to implementing this solution, as well as supporting a worldwide customer base that is using this platform for creation of their simulation models.

You have a degree in computer science or mathematics; you are confident in writing advanced C++ applications (libraries, templates, concurrent programming); you are eager to learn – new technologies, algorithms and bits of simulation theory. You can work independently, but at the same you see interaction with your co-developers as the means to achieve better results, a way to educate yourself and others.

If you have previous experience with industrial simulation or game programming, it will be considered an advantage.

Good salary and secondary conditions; dynamic and exciting work environment; broad growth potential both in professional and personal sense; good retirement package; various extras.

Utrecht, The Netherlands
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