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Senior Software Developer – C++

Top prop shop is seeking a senior software engineer to develop and maintain the low level components of their high frequency trading, including the distributed computing sockets and data feed handlers. Candidates will work with a team of software engineers to add additional market access, improve trade latency and work on strategy feasibility.

Candidates should hold a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science with 2+ years of experience developing commercial client-server applications in C++. Candidates should be proficient in low level programming, such as TCP/UDP sockets, device drivers and compilers. Experience with Java and Python are also a plus. No prior experience in the finance industry required, although some experience with market data feed handlers would carry a pay premium.

Apply online at: https://constitutionportal.secure.force.com/?page=JobDetailPage&JobSite=default&p=Candidate&JobIds=a0H80000003B0oD

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