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Student looking for Job/practice

Good evening!

I am Computer Science student, looking for a Job or Praxis.
Knowledge - c++ and c++ builder - quite good, but still learning a lot.
And I could mention - web development skills - PHP and MySQL are almost great.
PM me if interested.
I work on a server that runs off of the endless -online emulator of eoserve...


We need someone to basically write codes for the game or make a source. Its not a paid position, it would be for experience. If you would like you may download our client and play and try it out and see what you think.

Ill attach screenies so you can see what we have.

I am the leader of the graphical department of BU and one of the HGMs there.

My email is

in game name is Tracy

Didnt know if you would even consider it but thought it was worth a shot XD If nothing else you might like to play here and meet people.

Take care
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