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Studio Lead Developer Wanted - Rocket Gaming Systems

The Company: Rocket Gaming Systems

Founded in 1996, Rocket Gaming Systems is a rapidly growing leader in Class II casino-style gaming. Our primary customers are casinos owned and operated by Native American Tribes throughout the US. We employ over 300 people at offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Grove, OK, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

To Apply: Please visit www.rocketgaming.com
Title: Studio Lead Developer
Job Type: Full Time Regular
Posting # 11-C-112

Job Purpose
In this role you will be responsible for leading the development efforts of a game studio development team. You will work with the Studio Producer to set the development schedule and deliver to schedule milestones.

Position Responsibilities
You will be responsible for designing and developing gaming applications for delivery to the field. You will efficiently and expertly write stable, understandable, upgradable, and maintainable code in Visual C++. You will assist in establishing quality standards, tools and methodologies for the team to follow. You will interact with multiple teams across the organization and will actively problem solve by using all available resources in order to meet tight deadlines. You will lead a development team and work with both technical and non-technical individuals, both in gathering information and communicating direction.

Specific Accountabilities

• Develop a compelling environment to work within for the development team. This includes employee development, training, and teambuilding.
• Complete annual reviews for team members and ensures team and individual goals are set.
• Seek to understand what motivates each employee on your team.
• Keep team’s performance at a high level by providing appropriate recognition and feedback to the team as a whole
• Proactively manage performance issues in consultation with HR.
• Mentor employees in both technical and career development areas.
• Accurately communicate information from team lead meetings to the team.
• Provide direction to team on managing day-to-day activities while adhering to project deliverable due dates.
• Communicate development delays immediately to the appropriate stakeholders.
• Participate actively in all phases of gaming application development including planning and analysis, design, development, and testing.
• Assist development staff in providing solutions to software-related problems by providing sound decision making for software engineering tasks.
• Refactor, design, and develop common features to be used across several gaming applications.
• Develop and maintain technical documentation and operational procedures for areas of responsibility.
• Take responsibility for meeting goals and objectives of scheduled project plans.
• Be responsible for all deliverables and estimates that come out of your group.
• Provide architectural and Visual C++ technical expertise to the development team concerning methods, procedures, and standards to be used during design and development phases. This includes but is not limited to the appropriate use of design, code reviews, and unit tests.
• Provide the appropriate documentation with software deliverables, including release notes and other project documentation to Quality Assurance
• Liaise with other intermediate/senior/lead developers in other teams in the company for knowledge gathering/sharing and problem solving

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Extremely proficient in Visual C++ and MS Visual Studio IDE.
• Extremely proficient in object-oriented design/development.
• Excellent organizational skills with the ability to achieve results within tight deadlines.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Experience in managing small and medium sized teams
• Experience working in a professional team environment and following/improving software development methodologies.
• Leadership capabilities and experience supporting, motivating and mentoring your peers and subordinates.
• Must be able to recruit new employees and create/update Statements of Accountability as required.

Education and Experience .
• Five or more years of experience developing C++ applications in a professional team environment.
• Three or more years of experience leading a team of 3 or more individuals.
• A post-secondary education in Computing Science, or Computer Engineering, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

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