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Looking for a C++ Programmer - Toronto, Canada

Waterfront International is a Toronto-based financial consulting firm, specializing in developing computer based statistical trading strategies. Waterfront’s selective hiring process considers only highly talented individuals with a history of exceptional professional and academic achievement, and solid real-world experience.

Primary Responsibilities:
- Maintain existing real time data processing applications
- Design, code and test new applications ensuring correctness
- Work closely with analysts and other groups to provide software solutions
- Monitor performance of programs after implementation
- Troubleshoot and resolve application problems

Key Technologies:
- UNIX, C/C++, Sybase, Tibco/Rv, Wombat and other various third party solutions

Requirements of the Candidate include:
- 3+ years of professional C/C++ programming experience
- University education with background in computer science or related field
- Proven analytical and creative ability in developing business applications
- Excellent programming skills in fast paced production environment
- Excellent analysis and problem solving skills
- Demonstrated ability to work independently under minimum supervision
- Keen desire for continuous learning
- Experience with multithreaded applications preferred but not required

Please submit a resume to: recruiting@wil.com
I could help with the art side of things but i am no programmer but combine Falconsoft Industries with your company and we could make something big and highly profitable.
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