C++ Programmer/Robotics


Need a C++ expert for an established company for contract/temp/full time position in NYC or greater NY area. Work covers full circle from concepts (drawing) to implementation and troubleshooting of real hardware. Position will entail developing control software for robots and other electromechanical objects.

- Will develop algorithms and real-time software using object dynamics

- Multi-axis robotic movements experience a huge plus.

Salary based on experience.

Need ASAP!
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Dear mekd,
I am looking for a job in control and simulation, including robotics. As I live far from NY, I rather look for a part time coding and development tasks that can be sent by e-mail or other way. To see what I have done in the past, consult the following:
http://www.raczynski.com/pn/makerob.htm (robotics)
http://www.raczynski.com/pn/Bluesss.htm (general purpose simulation tool)
http://www.raczynski.com/rac/rac.htm (my page)

Ahmad Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

Mobile Number: 0162028267 Date of Birth: 26, Nov, 1989 Gender: Male
Languages: Arabic and English Marital status : Single
Interested in Embedded System , High performance Computing, Parallel architecture, parallel


Bachelor, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ain Shams University (2011).
 Excellent graduation project grade and got a Very Good total grade.
High School Certificate, Mesr El Hadesa School, Math Section, Total Grade 93.4 % (2007).


Fresh Graduated.


Languages: C/C++, C# , Assembly , prolog , VHDL.
Concepts: OOP, Design patterns, General Algorithms, Data Structures, Web, Parallel
Programming, Database Design, UML Modeling, Multithreading.
Technologies: win APIs, MPI & open MP, Open Cl, ADO.NET,SQL Server.
Soft-Skills: Adaptation, self-learning, problem solving, creative thinking, communication,
presentation, team work, time management and leadership.


Developing Arm robot Controlled by Brain Signal(C/C++, C#):
 Arm robot like human arm that can do all actions that human arm does and controlled
with brain signal.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine(C/C++, C#):
 Machine like arm human that controlled by pc takes commands from pc and do it and
we can control also in speed.

Line follower robot(C/C++):
 Developing car that follow colored line and takes car from sharp curves.

Chat application like messanger(yahoo)(WCF, ADO.net, SQl Server 2005).

Racing Cars(C++, OpenGl):
 3D game that implements collision detection, car simulation, texturing and model

FOS(C under linux):
 Implementing memory manager of an operating system that manages the memory
between kernel and user with paging enabled.

Medical Expert System(prolog, AI):
 That help Diseased to know his or her Diseases and it will be very useful to doctors.

Spell Checker(C#):
 Spell Checkers operate on individual words by comparing each of them against the contents of
a dictionary, possibly performing stemming on the word. If the word is not found it is considered
to be an error, and an attempt may be made to suggest a word that was likely to have been

ISP(internet service provider) database(C#, ADO.net, SQLServer 2005).

 translates assembly language to machine code of a 32 – processor.
 that takes machine code and makes operations from that machine code.

Hobbies: Reading, teaching and running.

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