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C++ email server to communicate with another programs C++ API

Hello, I am interested in hiring someone to complete a fairly simple task for me. I subscribe to (http://www.sanglucci.com/ ) who sends out stock options alerts. He is fairly profitable, but since I work all day I cannot be at the computer to make the trades myself when he sends out the email alerts, thus I cannot follow his trades. I am trying to set up a simple C++ email server to receive the alert emails, and then use the API in (https://speedtrader.com/AutomatedTrading.aspx ) to automatically execute the trades after the code I write extracts the ticker symbol, buy or sell, etc from the email. It may be better to use a different language for the server, but the API is in C++, so it may be easier that way. I know there are lots of open source C++/java/etc email server packages out there, but Ive been out of programming for nearly 10 years so idk what the hell is going on. I could be wrong, but the only thing that the email server would need to be able to do is receive emails as fast as possible (at least within 1/4 of a second, the quicker the better) with one or multiple email addresses. I would like to have some room to play around some with the code that decides how much to buy/sell etc. Could someone here do this for a fee?

Thanks in advance,

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Go to mail options (private messages >> options) and activate the option to receive mails (it's disabled by default) and send me a private mail.

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done, you can also contact me at ctharrigan0704 at gmail dot com. Thanks!
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