Rookie in need


I am a beginner at c++ programming. i want to take on any jobs to get more experience in programming, especially gaming. I am eager to learn and love to work in teams.

Great greetings
The best way to get better at programming is to spend time doing it on your own. Being a professional programmer is a lot of work. I know it sounds cliche, but it's really true. Find something that you're passionate about and create some code. You said you're interested in learning more about game programming? Create your own vector/matrix library. Or build a simple game in XNA. Over time you'll learn a bunch of new stuff and that knowledge will become useful as part of your portfolio and in future interviews.

Pick up a book on algorithms and data structures. In the end, that's what programming is all about, even for games. Implementing algorithms will teach you much more than doing random projects.
May I recommend Donald Knuth algorithm books. The Art of Computer Programming is his seminal work.
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