C++ Coder needed urgently

C++ coder needed urgently to work on a project. Compensation provided. Cannot post details here, so please send me a private message for more information.

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(Insert mild eye-rolling.)

The fact you're not posting details probably warrants a report. Either you're having someone make your homework, or it's something illegal.
Go to mail options and switch to accept mails (it's turned off by default).
Send me an e-mail with project details.
Morpheus? Why are you posting here? I thought you told me the other day you didn't want to learn C++?

EDIT: And now SortaCore posts below me XD I never thought I'd see you guys here...

EDIT: And haha Jacob...that's the inside joke no one will understand X)
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C++ rocks, anyone who doesn't know it isn't a programmer
This guy seems awfully twelve to me.
Well, I've had confirmation from the Morpheus I know and this person is not him. Sorry for hijacking this thread.
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