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Dallas / Ft Worth, TX - Entry Level - C++ Programmers

I'm looking for recent graduates with a Computer Science or similar degree for entry level software engineering positions in the DFW, TX area. Classes in Java, C#, or C++ are preferred. E-mail me at jdaniel(at)pdstech(dot)com with your resume.


SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER I Responsible for the development, and implementation of software for new and existing applications. Software is mainly written in Visual C++ and is moving to C#. Will interact daily with other team members to ensure a quality product is delivered in a timely manner.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: • Work in a challenging cross-functional team environment. • Designs, modifies, implements, and documents software application changes. • Determine technical requirements based on third-party (external or internal) interface specifications. • Provide accurate estimation of development effort and input into project timelines. • Cross-train in the roles/responsibilities of team members in other functional areas to create a more flexible team environment • Work under the supervision of a Team Lead or mentor • Designs, modifies, implements, and documents software application changes. • Provides estimations of work based on knowledge and experience in a given work area. Writes product specifications, designs, and technical manuals. • Give technical and non-technical presentations on the impact of changes to the software.

REQUIRED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE: Formal education level: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent educations and/or experience. Specific skills & proficiency level: Knowledge of at least one of the following languages: C++, C# or Java • 6 months-3 years of experience developing applications for a Windows operating system platform • Exposure to Microsoft development software and tools (Visual Studio) • 6 months-3 years of experience developing object oriented solutions • Well versed in the fundamentals of object oriented design and programming • Strong written, verbal, interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
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