C++ Programmers for Input Games

Input Games are currently on the lookout for volunteer C++ Programmers to join us to create our first project of D.R.I.V.E.

Input Games are a well-established Indie team, formed back in June 2011, when one of our favourite games turned out to be a terrible hit, full of bugs and glitches. After the release, Input Games was formed on the game's community's Forum, and now we are working full speed to create our game D.R.I.V.E.

D.R.I.V.E is a MOOR (Massively Online Open Racing) driving game, where the player can just cruise, push the pedal to the metal and challenge friends to races. The genre of MOOR is mainly controlled by the Test Drive Unlimited series, which was recently sold (and no other TD Unlimited games will be made). Because of this, we have a gap in the market, where we are waiting to exploit, however we need programmers to join us and help us make that happen.

Currently Input Games are working on a 6 month plan to produce a Alpha version of the game, and the programming will take place nearer the later date, however applications can be designed and created now ready for the Alpha, such as the game's launcher.

While at Input Games, you will have the chance to join our wide range of friendly developers, all specialists in their own area. From there, you may work with a Concept Artist (UI + Launcher etc.), but also closely with the researchers and Level Designer. Our 6 month plan started at the beginning of this week, so you will not of missed much (1 Dev meeting)

The role will be available to anyone with a basic knowledge of C++, knowing a few scripts etc. When you join Input Games, judged on your experience, you will either become a Junior Programmer or a Regular Programmer. Once we have enough Programmers, Experience will play a key role in the choosing of a Lead Programming.

The job is on a volunteer base only, and we expect that you have a outside life, and we respect. All we ask for is a few hours a week dedicated to Programming of D.R.I.V.E. However, we are not ruling out any income from this project, it may be a long way off, but we will decide near Beta whether to go for Freemium or Outright sale (Buy once, play forever).

To join, either:
1. Email jobs@inputgames.web44.net
2. Email quintinplane@gmail.com
3. Add quinnyplane on Skype

Hopefully you would like the take the chance to work with a well-established and organized Indie team, and have the opportunity to help a potential good project succeed.
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How do you intend to fund that thing?
What 'thing' are you referring to?

If the whole project, then we are creating the game for the moment with minimum cost. With a Alpha version, we will have a Project on Kickstarter or similar, which will give us an advantage because we will only do this once we have a version complete. Other than that, we are funding it ourselves.
No I mean, if you intend to make this an MMO, how are you going to pay for the required resources? There'd be long-term maintenance costs involved that you couldn't cover by Kickstarer or with volunteer work.
Of course we would not be able to cover the costs with Kickstarter. But we have already thought about that a few months ago, and for QA Testing, we will be running Servers from a few 32GB Ram PCs.

For the release, we will not be having Peer-to-Peer servers, but actual hosted servers. However, because of a NDA I have signed, I cannot disclose any information about Release Version of the game. However, we have considered it a lot over the past 3 months about the MMO aspect of the game.
Alright then - you mentioned you are a "well established indie team" - what projects did you finish before?
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