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Looking for decent OpenGL/SDL developers for a game

Hey guys! A couple of friends and I started working on a little/medium sized game project called Nemesys a while back ago. We have most of the idea fleshed out already, and I have started on the project, but between school, engineering club, and everything else, the work I've been able to get done indicates that this will take a loooooong time with me as the sole programmer. I know my way around C++ pretty well, I have been working with OpenGL for a while now, and just recently(few months back) picked up SDL(pretty nifty!), so I'd say I'm not a newbie at this ;3.

Anyways, I'm not planning for there to be any income for a while, seeing as this is a newly started project, but I am hoping to meet some great programmers and maybe even learn a thing or two during the lifetime of this project.

If you want any more information or want to help out, just email me at arfyou@gmail.com, reply to this, or send me a PM ^-^
I would actually love to help you out on your project but unfortunately I feel I haven't enough experience to work in a team :(
Best of luck to you on your project :D
I'm not really looking for "experienced" or "awesome" developers or anything. I would actually prefer someone who is just starting out. (As long as you know some SDL and/or OpenGL in C++)
Awesome :D, I PM'ed you my email.
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