Need Something Compiled


Can someone please compile the .zip file of .cpp and .h files attached and then send a packaged .exe back to me. If you get it to work, I'll send you a few bucks over PayPal. If you have an environment already set up, I don't see this taking more than 15-20 minutes for you to do. This is just too over my head to do.

Thanks a bunch!
Thanks for the reply, but there are multiple .cpp and .h files that depend on each other, not simply one file. Also, I need the program to run on my computer.
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The link tries to download an exe, so I cancelled the download.

If you want people to look at your code, repack it in a passive archive. There's no way I or any other sane person is going to run an exe from a random source.

Scratch that. I clicked on the wrong link to start with. Beware all the other links!

Edit: The code is for Windows and requires the WinDDK to be installed. The zip file is just the source (.cpp + .h) plus some instructions. No .vcproj, makefile, etc. And it's a command-line utility.

It should be quick enough for someone with a suitable environment configured, but it would take somewhat longer for someone who has to install the WinDDK beforehand!
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Yeah sorry about the ads that are scattered on that DL page. Just make sure to download the file. I'm at a loss for getting WinDDK to work for me.
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