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Taking technology to a new level

Hi, I'm Sean Connelly. I'm an entrepreneur, and this is a business venture of mine. If you're a programmer with a high level of experience with file manipulation, and Adobe Flash Professional / the iOS development software, and you're the kind of person to persevere through risks, you may find this worth your time.

I've been in the seduction community for a year and a half now. In the dating community, you have to spend a great deal of time sitting at your computer, reading material before you can go out and practice what you learn. I'm creating a company that allows men to practice their dating skills with computer programs and iPod apps, before ever going into the real world. Most material is also only available in PDF form, mp3s or video. We're also allowing dating coaches access to a wider audience, by creating apps that allow access to their materials. We'll be partnering with a wide array of dating coaches, so be prepared for that.

We're going to be the leading innovators of technology-based dating advice. Be ready for it.


1 years experience with a programming language that can manipulate files
1 years experience with the iOS development software / Adobe Flash Professional
give me examples of previous work

Please contact me at sean.connelly07@yahoo.com.
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