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Need a C++ coder to help with a game

Hello everyone,

Eh, straight to the point here, I need a C++ coder to help me compile a source code which is then compatible to be mounted on a server and able to play. We did have a coder, but she upped up and dumped us without even telling us, so effectively, we're not making any progress with our server.

For some information about the game, it's a big trend going on now. Everyone is bringing out 'Impressive Title' servers, but the lack of C++ coders in the IT community makes it difficult to get someone to help.
For more information about the game, go here: http://kito.forum.com.bz/
It's a site dedicated to the revival of 'Impressive Title' and servers.

Anyway, this is an important thing, I am not going to pay you for your help. I know that will decrease the chances of someone coming to help us, but everyone here seems to require money. I understand C++ coding is hard, and I would learn it myself but I'm focusing on school work rather than coding. I'm 15, I don't have a job, I don't have money.

So, if anyone would be kind enough to help out cause for free, I'd be utterly grateful. Here's our forum, which will give you any information about the game you want to know from our staff. http://impressive-legend.proboards.com/

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no one is going to program a whole game for you for free.
Yes, I know that. I'm not requiring a whole game to be coded for me, I just need the source code to be compiled in the correct format for it to be able to be hosted on a server.
You'll be surprised, in the community of people making these servers, people code for free ^.o
You can run any program on a server, a server is just a normal computer.

Unless you mean 'as' a server, in which case I must tell you, there is no 'format' for which the game's code can be compiled to run as a server without massive modification - essentially equivalent to writing an entire game.

"I understand C++ coding is hard"
I laughed so hard.
as far as i can tell you want a game that is going to be attached to the web and gamers could subscribe to it play online earn points and even get paid to game if that's it .i don't think that programming in c++ only is going to help you a lot .
even without designing the system itself i can see that you will need a web page
some active x controls asp's lots counter to get the amount of time a gamer has stayed online that is just to say the least .
if that's it then tell me when you need the source code i like to program for fun
No, no, it's not a web browser game. Thanks for the offer though.
Here, let me show you a site of a server similar to what I'd like.

That's a link to a server currently running. They took the source code that the original owner of the game handed out and modified it to make their own server. I don't know much bout C++ so I don't know exactly what they did. But it's not a browser game, you have to download it and run it via Direct3D or Ogresomethingorother.
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I'm a Comp. Sci. major, and I'm using my Christmas break to do something
other that the crappy, but challenging assignments that I've had to deal
with I am a pretty good C++ programmer (among my peers), but I am
totally new to graphics or game programming.
I figured that I should start small, and work my way up. I want to make
Asteroids. You know. . .that old arcade classic. The problem is, I
have no idea where to start. I sit down with a pen and paper, and
that's about as far as I get. I don't know if I should use classes or
not. Either way, I have no idea how to structure the program or
anything. I need to know where to start.

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