anyone able to build AI's?

Ok, I've always wanted to have an AI on my computer, not one that runs programs for me (although that would be awesome as well) but one that I can or type to, and it'll talk or type back. But I've always wanted it to be like a 3D model AI that I can see physically react to what I say. Anyways, what I'm asking, is if anyone out there is willing to make an AI unit that someone could download to their own computer as an executable, and easily acttivate. This AI would pop up on the main windows scree, ur desktop. And would have a little chat box next to it that would show what it has said to you, and it would have a bar underneath for your reply. But nomatter what this AI has, the most important thing that it needs is a learning system the ability to take what u have saodor told it, and it will remember it later on. Not like a learning AI, but a remembering AI. Also, maybe just to add variety, it could have different emotions day to day that. The AI would chok up to "bad day" ect. Please email me at to tell me if u plan on doin this for me and the rest of the internet world, thanks in advance :D
What's wrong with talking to Humans?
You are asking for something extremely complicated.
I don't know who will be able to do this without asking for a massive ammount of money. You would need a large team of programmers for this project and a lot of time.
paperjack22, how old are you and how long have you been coding for? I am 13 years old now, I have coded C++ for a year and a half and I think you never touched a single line of code or you have mental problems.
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It is just sp00n licker trolling and being an idiot again. I mean look at his first post then look at this one. Writers aren't lazy enough to break down and do 'u' instead of 'you' and yet this guy does it.
Ya know what, ill make my last post into a shorter one just for the hell of it. Mtutnid, thanks for ur feedback. Beginner, I am a dreamer making a request not a coder, thanks for the mental issues insult asshole. And specter, fuck you. Thanks for ur time guys.
Things like this have already been done ( ). You're simply asking for the addition of a 3d model with a set of animations for various reactions to the conversation. That would be simple enough to implement. Its still a big job, no doubt, but its certainly not as impossible as some lay it out to be.
Thank you madshop, I may not be a programmer, but this was exactly what I was thinking. I knew from the beggining that almost nobody would want to do this job, but I posted it anyways because I would still like to see some portion of the future (future being how most people wish it to be) come true.
@ModShop, no, not impossible, just big.

Reason no one wanted to touch it is because it is a ridiculously huge task that would require a huge team to make it from scratch. While extending an existing bot would be easier but still a big undertaking.

And specter, fuck you.

Yet again proves you are not a writer (at least not a good one). There is no writer who uses internet short hand. Secondly, your choice of those words tell me you aren't a writer (unless you mean blogger) as writers handle criticism way better than that. Also, internet shorthand makes you look lazy because you don't even want to put forth the effort to type out the words.
Wow.... how is it that u can manage to complement and insult in the same post? I am a writer, I'm actually in the process of writing a fiction book about a zombie ataack on humanities "poor" culture. Goes unnoticed for months due to noone giving a fuck. But anyways just because a writer happens to use short hand doesn't demote him from the rank of writer. It just shows what type of a writer he is. I don't writer stories for the masses, I write stories for the video game designers and programmers to make a game out of. There is no point in typing out every single letter when the only people who are going to see the misspellings are the programmers. And u wanna know my reasoning for not taking kindly to your critisism? My reasonong for getting mad is the fact that that wasn't critisism. Critisism is the use of words to disprove what someone has said, or to show ways of improvement. To show flaws and to show problems with a plan or statement. Critisism I can handle. But flat out rude insults I cannot. I get enough of this insulted shit each day, so getting on sites like this and posting a friendly request just to see what is or isn't possible in this day and age, just to get a rude comment from you claiming I'm not a writer, calling me a liar. It plum pisses me off. Good to know assholes like you still exist in this fucked up world. Go burn in hell specter.
P.S. feel free to read the actual story for the first game for the team on my original post at:
P.P.S. specter its my proof of writing capabilities. Feel free to read it and insult nonexistant mistakes.
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There is no point in typing out every single letter when the only people who are going to see the misspellings are the programmers.

So you just admitted you are doing it because you are too lazy to do it on the account programmers are reading it. That is kind of insulting to programmers that you think we wouldn't want proper grammar and spelling.

Saying you aren't a writer isn't an insult, it is an observation. One that is assumed by your use of shorthand. Makes you look unprofessional and like you aren't being serious. That is why no writer that is serious, whether they are game writers or novelists, would use shorthand as it speaks volumes about their demeanor towards writing and laziness.

Another reason to not use shorthand and to watch your language is because they both made you look like a person that had been causing problems for a week. The way you posted both these threads made you also look like him which is why I came across as an 'asshole'.

If you are serious about becoming a game writer then you need to be consistent with your grammar between internet and story lines. Companies do Google your name and emails to find all they can about you and they want writers that are consistent with their writing. I've been in programming for fourteen years and on numerous gaming communities for the past eleven years. The way you posted the job app also makes you look like a beginner because it comes across as "I have this great idea! Now I need these people to make it." This is where the saying "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar" rings true. To get a team like you want you need to have a demo made of the game so they can see what it is you have in mind. Then the appropriate people will apply for it. Otherwise you run the risk of making a team that gets bored with it and abandons it or never gets on the same page and just leaves the project.
Ok, now THAT at actually sounds like an observation. Thanak you, I do admit that u r right, but I also although I do see ur point of view, in my opinion and as I have been raised to believe, u can show respect without the use of proper grammer, from what it seems to me, typing out eveyry single tiny letter for a few people that are only gonna read it a few times wand probably won't even notice the errors is the same as wearing a formal suit when ur home alone all day, there's no point other than formalities, but when it comes to game design groupops most video game designerss in their own right are more on the unformal side to begin with. For example. We would rather apply for a job over the internet on a forum like this than going to an actual job interview. I am sorry for the words that I used, but having ur first reply come off as insulting really urked me. Thank you for ur information on the subject, I will try to compose my self a little more in my future messages and posts, however, I will not change my spelling because I honestly don't have that much time, I may only be 15, but I'm a major workaholic, other than school I work from dusk till dawn (yes in that order). Leaving my only times for posting on a site such as this at random points through out the day. Thank you for ur time, and mine.
I also have a question, I have tones of amazing ideas on multiple occasions, I even have an idea for a game console that would revolusionize the industry. Not to mentoion in the future I want to be part of a well known team as a future job. But if I don't post in places such as this without the overall idea of "I have an idea" or "I need a team" then how am I supposed to build a team?
That is the hard part of selling any idea. You have to prototype it. You have to throw together a simple level or section of the game for the applicants to see. You don't have to have the finished assets (ie music, art, sound effects) just something that gives them the general idea of the direction you want to take it. Game Maker and Unity are good tools for that. Then you will have a prototype to show and be able to hook the programmers, modelers, musician, sound effects engineer, writers, level designers, etc. This is a good place to get programmers, but you may consider posting to's forums to try and find the modelers and texture artists, not sure where you would go for the extra writers or the sound engineer and musician.
Thanks for the advice, but that still leaves one problem I'm a writer, (wether u believe so or not) and I have minimal coding experiance. If I was to try to make a prototype I doubt id be able to further than the first line of the codeing, let alone the art style to show off the game. Would posting the story help?
No, never share a story online. That would just open you up to someone stealing it or tweaking it to make their own version of it. As for art, you don't have to have the final graphics prototype, programmers normally use what is called 'programmer graphics' in the beginning stages of a game. A prototype isn't suppose to look like the final product, just give an idea what you are wanting. Prototypes don't need anything fancy graphics wise, doesn't need music, or sound.

I'm not sure how to advise about proceeding.
Ya, that's the only problem I've ever had with getting a team, when ur the writer tryin to start there's really nothin u can do....
If you cannot even spell "AIs" correctly, let alone spell "you" or "you're" out, then why do you expect anyone to create any AIs for you? Put forth the effort you wish to receive.
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Yeah, because with writers already in the industry they already are friends with programmers and artists so they just get together with them and make a prototype to try and get the go ahead. In other cases they get a small team together and work years and bring the finished product to the publisher. The one case where you need not worry about those instances is when the developer comes to you and tells you his idea and wants you to write him a script for it. Right now there is a team that has been working on an RPG for 8 years (I think) now and they have restarted from scratch once, been saying they are going to release their next video "Adventures in Game Development" for 2 years, and have been in the dark for about a year and a half. That team is Elysian Shadows team ( ). Marcel (I think it was) has come and gone multiple times during the production of it. I've even seen other members join and leave a short time later because they aren't really getting anything done from the viewer stand point. They claim they are doing code and redoing code and then show a short demo of the game showing changes. Then it is months (2 years in this case) before they comment on anything else.

Sad fact is that indie games have a much higher fail rate than success rate due to burn out on the idea or loss of motivation which causes teams to just abruptly break up.

Their site shows how little they update their own project page copyright at the bottom says "© 2008 Elysian Shadows Project". Either they are busy or don't have a very good web designer. When I used to do the pages I used PHP/MySQL and used the PHP Date function so that I just had to do 2001 - (PHP code for date showing just the year). That way the page just updated for me without remembering to change it.

&copy; Name.Domain StartYear - <?php echo DATE('Y'); ?>
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