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Need Help With C++ Final Project

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First, turn on your email (it's turned off by default).
Send me a PM.
Contact me at sapbwh1@gmail.com and give your contact details so we can get the process started right away.
Having someone write your code for you will not help you learn. You may pass the class, but for what? It will have been wasted time, because you will be unable to write your own code if you ever get a job in such a field.
unfortunately some psych majors require programming experience, therapists for one are required to take 1 class of java and 1 class of C++ eventhough they will never do it again afterward... they make a "Feeling thinker" take a "Logic thinker"'s class for no reason... now thats just jacked
If said psych major student ever gets into grad school, they will be doing quite a bit of programming using Python, MATLAB and various other languages, depending on the school. So, it would be quite handy for those that wish to continue their education, and possibly useless for everyone else.

However, you should probably also consider the worth of a BS degree in psychology, seeing as it's probably one of the more useless subjects to get a BS in. >_< If they can pick up something that might help them think differently in some other line of work, then fantastic. If not, oh well. Just add it to the other 30+ useless classes they took in undergrad.
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