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I am willing to teach anyone who wants to learn how to program in C++ as well as create video games using the SFML 2.0 API. Students will learn the basics of C++ if they don't already know, learn the process of creating a 2D game, and as a result create their very own 2D game over the course of the lessons. Lessons will be conducted over Skype and TeamViewer will be used to teach in real time. Payment for my services can be negotiated and you have the option of paying hourly or weekly (Rates will be negotiated per person). PayPal will be used for secure transactions. I am also offering the first introductory lesson for free so you can see how i teach and if you would like to continue and pay for more classes. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this from me, then email me at:

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What are your qualifications?
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None officially really. Im just a student trying to earn some extra cash to help pay for school and things. I feel as though I have enough knowledge and understanding about C++ and game development that I can help out those who need it and don't know what they need to know. My rates are not expensive at all and they are considerably cheaper than those who do this professionally. Some may say that they can learn just from tutorials on the web and sites such as this. That is true, but they won't have a person there in real time guiding them and explaining things in a way that they can understand in case they don't get something.
The question was less about what academic titles you have achieved than about what kind of games you already made.
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Oh sorry. I have been involved in a couple different small indie teams which I started myself. In all of them we were attempting to make a platformer but never finished due to the other members losing motivation or having time constraints. Personally I try making making small games such as pong, or a sidescroller.
@paki programmer,
Why don't you try FreeLancer.com or vworker.com? There are many projects that can make use of your abilities.
go FreeLancer.com ...
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I would rather teach people than work on projects right now
I'm not sure I believe you, since you are posting this in the wrong forum.

BTW, I've reported this.
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Only because I thought it would get more views than if I posted under jobs. But ok
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Why 2D? I would think someone would benefit more if it was 3D.
Ressources are easier to create for 2D games, and while the math isn't actually that much easier, it's easier to grasp in 2D.
I notice you kind of dodged the whole "what games have you made" question. Can you give us specifics with maybe a download link?

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Ressources are easier to create for 2D games, and while the math isn't actually that much easier, it's easier to grasp in 2D.

I second this. Creating 3D assets is an absolute nightmare. Animating them (bone animations, rather than standard rotations and translations) even more so.

Drawing up 2D sprites can, at times, be soul destroying but it's a lot simpler than going 3D.

I agree with the maths too. The only additions I can think of in a simple 3D title would be the extra geometric plane used for coordinate geometry and physics calcs and the use of the various matrices for transformations, views and the like.
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