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looking to "intern" or learn the tools of the trade

I've been really looking into programming and learning but I've realized I'm better at learning by doing and experiencing then just reading. I've already finished about 3 classes of C++, self taught some javascript, html, and css (w3 schools site). also took one class on html/javascript. I was a robot tech (programming robotic welders and material handlers) for a company that uses robots for quite a few reasons. Ive also done PLC programming as well. through Allen and Bradley's "Logix 5000" and plc programming of yawaska robots. I really am looking to see if someone is willing to train me or mentor me. I guess im just looking for someone who knows how to do it and is willing to give a interested newb a chance at learning. If interested you can email me at jr_2431@hotmail.com or msg me here. Thanks!
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Sent you an email. Let me know what you think :)
I am also looking for inter job. Except, though, I almost finished two years in uni and course is revolving about programming(working with games). And I kinda got opposite experience of the author - I know programming, but I am really interested in robotics. Can I receive email too? domas@mail.com
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