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Advanced Programmers for Algorithmic Trading in London

I am looking for advanced C++ or Java programmers from the software industry who have worked on high performance state-of-the-art systems processing vast data, using machine learning techniques, accelerated hardware or any other innovative performance enhancing solutions.

My client is a leading high frequency trading firm running fully automated strategies across asset classes. This firm operates like a software house working in the financial markets, using cutting edge technology to analyse the markets and execute trading algorithms on the global market.

Although clandestine about their trading activity and protective of their in-house technology, such firms are proud to exclaim their approach to overcoming technical challenges and the type of people they hire. Those providing transferable expertise outside of the industry are sought after to apply themselves to the issues arising in high frequency trading.

Advanced C++ or Java, technology agnostic approach is enviable
 Broad technical toolkit of OO programming or functional languages
 Deep understanding of Computer Science fundamentals
 Excellent problem solving ability, reasoning and communication
Telecoms/Big data/Machine Learning/Research/Search Engine tech experience
 Motivated to solve real world problems using innovative technology
BSC/MSc Computer Science from top ranked University
 At least 2/3 years of commercial programming experience

The technology driven approach to this space provides ever evolving challenges to overcome, here the most creative and talented technologists get the opportunity to genuinely innovate and create industry leading solutions. Solutions that can change the game for all and can result in some of the
greatest financial rewards of any sector.

You will be provided with a relaxed, fully catered, dress-down working environment that allows creative juices to flow. If you liked the idea of working at Google or Facebook when they were start-ups then you may find this space a very compelling environment to change the direction of your career.

For further details into this firm and opening, others like it or just to have a confidential chat please contact me on nick@campbellnorth.co.uk or 020 3006 3627.
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