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C++ Music Studio Program (unpaid - gain experience)

Hello everyone,

If anyone is interested in finding C++ projects to work on for free (to gain experience or simply for the joy of programming), I've been very seriously working on a music studio program in C++. I could use help primarily with the GUI, audio processing, and saving/loading settings from a file.

I prefer to use Windows Live Messenger (MSN) for chatting.

Let me know if you're interested! Here's my email:

andrew.3.1415 (at) gmail (dot) com


- Andrew
I'm currently working on a project dusk, with lucian grim and others. Its called dusk and its located here: http://knightlygaminginc.enjin.com/home
I received your P.M. and I am interested but I need to see where dusk is going before I make a decision.
Okay, thanks for the info! It's a good thing I bookmark and check up on my forum posts, because nobody seems to understand that email subscriptions to all posts should be on by default... If you could, please maintain any discussions (that aren't relevant to asking general, public questions or etc.) through email (or at least through PM) as it's a lot more convenient. Thanks.

Anyways, good luck with your project, but if you find out that the project is a bust or you're looking for another project to work on for some reason, let me know! A friend and I have been planning, researching, and programming this for 2 years, so you can see that I am very dedicated to finishing this program. A while ago we decided to start over on a clean slate with C++ (mainly for speed purposes - we started with C#), so I would like to use all of the help we can get.

- Andrew
andrew i was trying to send e-mai;l to ur but i am getting a error message that ur e-mail id is no longer valid
Then you're entering it improperly... Replace:








Also, make sure you type the first part correctly. I always use copy paste when copying important things like emails.
closed account (N85DjE8b)
Dear Andrew
I sent you mail few days ago, but I haven't got any reply yet. Please check your mailbox/
Best regards
Thanks for checking on this problem. GMail marked your email as spam - sorry about that. I'll email you back.

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