Co-worker in hobby project

Don't know if this is the correct place to post this, since it is not really a job offer. I am looking for someone who is experienced in C++, Win32 programming and OpenGL to program with.

I am currently working solo on a game engine project and is in need of another developer. I am in no way an expert but i am quite experienced in C++.

If you use Visual C++ it is a plus because of the Team Foundation feature.

Best if you are located in europe so that we are available at the same times.

This is not a job, only a hobby opportunity.

I'm currently in the process of learning Win32 and OpenGL myself, i would love to help in anyway i can. Downside is i am a die hard code::blocks user, and switching over to visual c++ might be confusing and take time for me to learn it. If you're interested in talking just PM me.
It says you don't accept PM's X/
I am still looking for a C++, Win32 and OpenGL cunning programmer to join a game development team.

As said above it is best if you live in europe and use Visual C++ as your IDE.

PM me with sype, or other communication services, details if you are interested.

X11 and OSX/Carbon knowledge is also a plus.
Are you still looking for someone to code with? I have been looking for an incentive to learn openGL as well as someone to help me make a game that i have been planning for the past year.

I am currently using visual but with empty files so i don't know it it is considered visual c++ but i am using the IDE.

If you want to talk to me then hit me up on skype.
SKYPE: jasone9559

I am based on the east coast so the time different isn't that bad as it could be so ya hit me up if you want to talk.
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Are you still looking for somebody? I have some experience with C++, some spare time (a bit), I live in Europe.

Please contact me via MP if interested.
Will this project be open-sourced?
To clarify, the hobby project is a game engine, not going to be open-source but for private use inside a game development group. The project itself is self-funded and not related to work as of now, but the possibility of a company is there.
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