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Cyber - At the moment I have no ideas, that's why I'm here. I'm happy to code games, but you do require a game designer, or at least someone who has the idea for a game before you can start I think?

By the way - regarding the game idea - have we all decided whether or not we want a gui based game?

Please be aware - I'm not here to criticise anyone, like everyone else, I'm here to gain experience by contributing to whatever project we decide on.

My initial suggestion would be something we could use and test individually. Like a game. Or some other app (I'm thinking some sort of personal finance app?) or even a spreadsheet that runs on linux? I'm game either way.
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Yeah sure we are currently making an game we have 6 members who are currently designing including me with 1 other an web developer
I'd like to take a look at this game.
I might join. Send me a PM with some contact info and the project specifications.
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