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Hello C++ forums,
This post is mostly for people who need work experience in c++ so if you want to gather real time work experience join our development team. We already have quite ideal team to develop and test many desktop to Networks applications but we want more people if they would join us and work with us. We all are team who need and want work experience none of us do get paid we are here to earn work experience. If you want to join us PM me but you must meet the requirements:

minimum requirements
1.Capable of working alone and as a team.
2.Must be able to meet requirements for projects.
3.Can be able to bring new idea's to team.
4.Must be trustworthy.
5.Must have good knowledge of c++/c
Yes i know these are very basic requirements but as none of us are either getting paid.This is not an corporation we think this is quite good requirements to meet.

Good Luck!

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i know some c++ as other languages.
I know basic of win32 and some good programs are snake-car game-rpg-mario without graphics(all cmd).

If i am good for you come in skype.
hepic.hepic is mine
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I have a few questions regarding your requirements:

@ Requirement #2: How can you possibly expect an applicant to be sufficient for every project you embark on? What are the general requirements for your projects; skill-wise?

@ Requirement #5: What does one need to know to become a suitable applicant?

ummmmm skarla............ could you please put ur rpg mario online?
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Hey the requirements are not strict anyone can really join but the requirement 2 basically means that you must be able to help in some parts of the project or understand a part of the source code .requirement 5 must at least know basics of c/c++ like data structures or looping.
Thanks hope it cleared all the doubts,
It might be a good idea to use source control, git ( for example.
I send you a pm.
If someone else want any source just pm me.
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okay Sure skarla also are you from HF
how do i join please and how are we going to interact i am a c++ programmer i need team tooo to share my views and idea with others i am current a student.
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just PM here or in HF
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