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Do freelance jobs be posted here?

Dear All,

I am a C/C++/Linux/Assembly-language developer for 8 years now.
I am planning to go for freelancing.
Can you please suggest how to move ahead
and what are the places where I can find good jobs in these areas?

Do freelance jobs be posted here?

I tried some freelancing sites, but mostly we have web development works there.
Are there places where works mostly in the above areas are found?

Srinivas Nayak

I recently joined freelancer.com where the company says they have millions of project online some of which includes C++. I was not quite successful the that website.Even though I have a university degree with extensive knowledge of C++. They freelancing is best for people from India who work a lot on small budget. If you are from foreign country freelancing is not the right place as their is a lot of competition.

i am also interested. I am 2+ Year Exp in C++.
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