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ISO tutoring help with C/C++ programming language


I am not a computer novice, but I don't know much about C/C++ yet. I have made frequent attempts to try and grasp the language but haven't been able to understand the basics. What I would need is a dedicated tutor willing to work one-on-one with me. We can use instant messaging or skype whatever you are more comfortable with. I am 21 years old. Game programming exp. would be great!

Paying 15-30 per hour of tutoring.

Please contact me through a PM or at my email at Joercoglitore@gmail.com
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What exactly do you mean by "not novice"?

If you know any other languages, then you would already know the concept of IF statements, loops, variables, conditionals and such, right?

Because logic behind these are all the same in every language.

C++ is not really very hard to learn, it just seems like that when you see all the symbols that it uses. But when you learn what each of the symbols does, then it will become very logical to you, and in my opinion easier to learn compared to some other languages that are designed to be easy. This is because when you learn about what the different concepts does in those languages, it will not make sense when you look at the code.. But in c++ this will all be much more logical once you actually know the concepts.


cout << "This";

"This" is a string. What it does is to group together characters.

The qotation marks are for specifying that this actually is a string and not anything else.

This: <<

is what we call an operator, in this case the insertion operator.
An operator is basically something that is integrated into a language, and which has a specific function. In this case it's function matches it's name:

insert "This"

Okay. But what are we gonna insert it into?

cout, is what we call a output stream, and is something that can handle strings and numbers in a way that it can be represented onto the screen.

This: ;

Another operator that needs to be put at the end of each statement, and this is simply for marking the end of that statement, i just call it end statement operator.

So basically we can translate: cout<<"This"


output stream insert "This"

You see, it all becomes logical.

If you still feel like you need someone to guide you through it, i can offer you some help, but to save you some money because i am a nice person, will first refer you to this page:


which is a GREAT tutorial for beginners, it is the tutorial i started on when i started learning c++.

And try to invent your own piece of code for each new concept you learn, combining the previous concepts you have learned. Give yourself challenging tasks, like: How can i translate this concept into programming language in a way that it appears simple, but yet as efficient as you can get it. This is something that really requires you to think about what your are gonna do, what functions you can use, and functions you can avoid to use, but still get the best functionality.
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You can write me PM.
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