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Now this is a bit used but barely. Anyone ever played dynasty warriors 7? Or a three kingdoms game like dynasty warriors online? Well the idea is to take this and completely change it, so were making a three kingdoms game and need programmers. Were looking for passionate programmers who will work hard to make this. This is basically us wanting to make a game for the enjoyment of all. We have MANY ideas to put on the table so if you want to help us out and help make a game that could be very successful, please email me at if your interested in helping us make this dream a reality.
What GUI do you plan to use to make this game?
Actually, thats something im on debate with. For one i dont know the best for the project, then theres the fact of trying to decide this. So if anyone knows a good GUI to use for this please recommend it
I would reccomend allegro because it is extremely simple, but directx, opengl, sdl or any gui would pretty much work depends on whether you are looking for ease or speed and quality
Thanks and if you would like to help we still need more programmers and a few advisers wouldn't hurt a bit.
What kind of team do you have already? And what kind of design plans do you have already laid out as options?

Knowing the experience and skills of who is involved and what kind of plans you already have will help attract more interested parties and convince people you aren't just getting a random loose group together that could fall apart at any time.
(nice name) Anyway on topic our team consists of 3 main members me being an editor of pictures and video the others and i have all the factors put together and we have one programmer so far, so were organized we just need programmers to put this to use. And i have tried to do this alone once and found absolutely no results, so this time it has a team to make it work.
I'm sorry ZhenTi but i honestly dont think i have enough GUI experience to work on a full on game right now. If i could help in anyway i would. just tell me which GUI you decide to use and i will study it so i may be of service to you and your team.

Thank you,
Ah, so you wanna work on the gui well ive talked to the others and we think itd be nice to at least try out win32 to see if we'd wanna use that one. If not well try another but for now well try win32. And thanks for wanting to help ^_^.
Anytime the more i help the better a programmer i will become and ive never heard of a win32 GUI ill be sure to research it
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