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C++ Tutor Looking for Work (Open to recruiters)

Exactly as the title says. I am a private C++ tutor looking for students to fill a few gaps in my schedule. I have prior experience in both tutoring and programming with formal training in C++ as well as some generic knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and a small amount of SQL experience. If needed I can provide recommendations from former customers and college professors.

Tutoring sessions can be done live person to person, if you are nearby (Tustin CA). Those of you interested who live across the country or in other countries can be tutored via skype video call where you will be granted vision of my screen and visa-versa.

My experience with C++ is advanced but I am only taking on students for beginner levels. If you have not gotten heavily into or do not understand the uses of recursion in data structures like AVL Trees then you are a perfect student.

My billing is as follows:

15$ per hour, not disputable.
To receive a refund you must cancel 24 hours ahead of time. Flexible but at my discretion.
Payment can be taken via paypal or credit/debit card.
If additional hours after the service are requested payment will be taken after the session is completed.

Additional Benefits:

24 hr service for minor questions and confirmations. Free.
Detailed help with homework. Free. (Do not ask me to complete your homework for you.)
Spur of the moment unscheduled service. 5$ 1 time charge.

Disclaimer: I am not going to help people cheat on homework. Do not ask me to do a homework assignment for you. I can help you understand what you need in order to do it yourself but I will not cheat for anyone.

Recruiters: I am open to nearly any legitimate businesses contacting me for outsourcing or in house programming positions. I can provide a resume and references upon request.

Contact Information:

Name: Elliot Mendiola
Email: elliotmendiola@gmail.com
Would you prefer people over 18 or is younger fine? :)
younger is fine, as long as you arent messing around intentionally trying to waste my time im willing to take anyone of any age on as a student
What is the way you teach it? Do you want to make a program alongside your student or rather teach the concepts, and then I make the programs alone? I am reading C++ primer plus 6th edition, but it is hard and some extra lessons would maybe be what I need.

Some info about me:
- I am 14 years old, programming for me is just a hobby nothing to do with school.
- know some very basic html

- use both ubuntu and windows as operating system. (haven't decided what I want to use for programming)

-English is my second language, norwegian is my primary language

- I live in australia (maybe the most important problem, or perhaps oportunity)

The only c++ experience i have is 250 pages of c++ primer plus. (I am trying to read more of this book)

It would be nice if you explained a bit more of your way of learning :)
Also suggestion to a system that would work well even if I am learning from a book at the same time.
Ofc the payment would be via my parents
Generally I try to make my tutoring service like a college class 1 on 1 with a professor. I first find out where the student is as far as knowledge of the language and understanding of how to use it, then based on what they know I put together a lesson and in sessions go over the lesson first, sometimes with example applications then work along side them to help them apply the lesson to use with my guidance.

Generally you want some practical knowledge of C++ before you attempt to complete a book (in my opinion) so that the knowledge you are gaining from the book is already in the correct context. The way I look at it is, I am there to make sure you understand how to put what you know to use before I start to teach you the next step.

PS. I am experienced in windows but not unbutu and I am open to nearly any time if I have a regular opening.
Filiprei I know you arent frequently on cplusplus and i cant send you a private message, but if you are interested in my services just send me an email with my contact information above.
It is a very interesting opportunity if you are as good as you sound, to learn c++ at a such early age from an experienced person. I will discuss it with my parents tonight I think. I introduced them to the idea and they thought it was interesting. Earliest possible for me to take a lesson is next week because that is probably when we get real wifi connection.
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