Needed top notch programmers!

I will be starting a new company, and I am need of the best programmers around. There will be no immediate compensation; however, I am willing to offer shares in the company. Also, once the company becomes profitable everyone involved will be justly compensated. Please only hard working, dedicated, interested individuals reply to .
It would probably help, since this is a non-paying job, if you would post some details about the job.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a no paying job also known as slavery?
No that is not slavery as no "Immediate" compensation will be given, but compensation based on how the company thrives. Many programmers who have worked on games have had a similar situation where they receive a percentage of the profits from the release of a game they are working on.
I am willing to offer a percentage of the company to the team, and as GFreak 45 stated that will entitle them to net profits. Due to the nature of the project I don't want to go into too much detail in the forum post. However, the goal is to develop an intuitive database.
I sent you mail..
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