C/C++ Developer.

Skill: Must have experience in the development and support of IBM pSeries control unit hardware and microcode, primarily using C, C++ Programming, and scripting skills. Includes the analysis of customer field issues, working in conjuction with other technical components (AIX, DB2, tape drive microcode, tape drivers) in debug analysis and resolution.

The work is to live in Guadalajara, Jalisco México
English and Spanish (at least in a basic mode) is required.

To request any information please write at marcelan@mx1.ibm.com

I dealt with zOS and zSeries of IBM mainframes.

It is me who wtote CTRACE record filtering on PL/X using OOP features of the language for the IBM NFS server.:)

I am a C/C++/C# programmer and know IBM PL/X and assembler.

Maybe I could be useful somewhere and some time?:)
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