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Looking for a 2D open source game to work on.

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As the title states I'm looking to progress my C++ knowledge by joining a open source 2D game. Any game would work, and any size project would also be fine by me. But I would prefer a smaller project (15 or less people involved). This would be my first game project so I would prefer to join a project that is not way over my head. I have been programming for about a two months now so I am still very much a beginner in most terms. If anyone has any projects open that could use a rookie to do the tedious work I would love to join in. The best way for me to learn is to get drive right in and get my hands dirty.

My Skills

~ A Good understanding of C++

~ Beginners knowledge of graphics programming (Messed around with openGL a a little, and I have a decent knowledge of directx 9)

~ I'm willing to put in a good amount of time into the project and will see it through until completion.

~ If you would like more detailed information on what I'm currently capaple of programming please feel free to email me, or send a PM to me.

I know that I'm not the most able programmer out there, and not the most qualified but I'm willing to learn and would love to have the opportunity to join a team. Send me a message here or at bjumbeck7@gmail.com if you would like to know more information or have a project in mind.

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Thanks for the post AdultSizedLegos. Ya I checked out the open clonk project and, don't really feel its a fit for me. I'm looking for a project that is still in its beginning stages. Like they still are working on their game engine, or have just finished the engine and are starting the game.

So if anyone has a good idea for a 2d game and want to start a small sized project to make it happen I would love to join you.
Zereo wrote:
Like they still are working on their game engine, or have just finished the engine and are starting the game.
But that's the easy part :( all you need is creativity. The hard part is the class design, which makes up the base for the engine.
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Would love to do class designing to but I would need a mentor probably to watch over me and show me a few tips ;p. I'm willing to dive right into the hard stuff but would rather take it slow and steady so I don't get overwhelmed lol.
On another note, Open Clonk is really fun. I love the mission where you get 2 Clonks, each with a grappling gun, and have to swing over pits of acid.
Zereo, I have a 2D project that I'm working on. I would love to teach you C++ Programming and maybe down the line have you help me with the 2D game. It's simple and you can learn alot about class design, etc.....

Let me know if you're interested. Just PM me. :)
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