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C/C++ Browser Developer (to work remotely)

Our team is creating a world changing and ambitious app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. We need someone/a team with a background in browsers or browser extensions for the desktop version. Specifically, we need someone who has extensive experience working with Chromium or other web browsers, or at least extensive experience in C/C++.

This is an hourly job and we require all of our associates to be available from 9AM – 12PM PST. Associates will work remotely.

Required Attributes:
- Experienced in C/C++
- Proficient/Fluent in English
- Able to devote at least 25 hours a week to the project
- Available on Skype for calls or chat from 9AM-12PM PST on weekdays
- A desire to use your technical skills to help create something that will change the world
- Experience working with Chromium a huge plus

Apply via Email: kidscontent.hr@gmail.com
I'm interested in this.
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