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Task: Our client, located in Morrisville, North Carolina, is seeking a Desktop and Application Virtualization Architect. The successful candidate will create a cohesive multi-year vision of future IT systems and services to support the business and mission of the firm. Specifically, the Platform Architect is responsible for the design, architecture, and oversight of a holistic and consistent end-user computing environment, including desktop and application virtualization, platform operating system and hardware standardization and management. This person will also understand the enterprise dynamics that often resist change and have the confidence and skills necessary to work through and around those barriers.

We need programmer who have expert knowledge in CodeHooking, BoxedApp SDK and DLL injection. The customer is not planning a big project.
Experience in the development of portable applications.
Welcome programmers from different countries.

Thanks for the response.
We need more developers. Vacancy relevant.
I am 3 Year C++,VC++,Win32,SQL Senior Software Engineer from India.
I am interested for this opening.

Skype: mota.pratik
send me your assignments directly at
i can help on your payment terms
Thanks for assistance!
Hello ,

I have 2 years C++ ,VC++,Wind32 experience working in india.
Please may i know .. am I eligible or not for this?
Excellent! Can show your portfolio or examples of work? Can apply to private messages.
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