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I'm searching a development team

Hi, I'm a developer with great Ideas (You could say dreams?). I'm a beginner with C++ but I am understanding Java, Javascript and Lua(a little bit). I'm searching for a great dev. team, and I think, I will find it here. Well, my Idea is great(I think so). I've got an Idea for a game, a 3d multiplayer-game. I know, this is much work but I can handle this. Well, I'm searching for a dev. team, I am searching some developers(programming), some people for the graphic, animation, gui and so on. Then I am searching for some guys, who can help me to communicate, storywriter, some guys with network/online experience. I think, that I am organized and ready for development. I have got experience with dev. teams and programming. I hope someone is interested on this topic, and I think you'll give me hopefully some answers.

Note: sorry for my bad english, if it is bad
Hi Arminias ,

I am pleased to work with you.
I have 2 years of c++(vc++) experience in GDI & Socket programming
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