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C++ Capable Individuals With A Passion For Creating WWII Games

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Hi there!

I'm a Lead-Developer over at TractionWars.com, and I'm here on behalf of the rest of the Development-team in the search for new and talented individuals to join our ranks. We're one of the most profound upcoming WWII FPS Realism Games there is to this day, being regularly featured on various sites across Europe, and drawing talented Artists across a wide variety of nations, all around the world.

We're currently looking for persons skilled in the language(s) of both C++ and Lua (though there isn't a requirement to know both), and have turned my attention to CPlusPlus in the search for new Developers that are interested in our indie-project.

What we can offer;
* A fun and friendly environment.
* A place where you can grow your skillset.
* A competive-minded group of skilled individuals with an eye for making a great end-product.
* Get a chance to work on the state-of-the-art CryEngine3.
* Having your own FTP-access and SVN-access.
* Having a great time making a fantastic game!

What we're looking for;
* Persons capable to code in C++ and/or Lua.
* A passion for making games
* Persons that show great interest in helping others
* Persons that want to develop their skills even further, working alongside industrial-quality Artists.

Want to know more? Leave me a reply in this thread and I'll come back to you, or check out twmod.org and indiedb.com/games/traction-wars to see some of the work we've done!

Thank you.

Fredrik / Maniche
hey Fredrick, im interested in joining the team; please do let me know how i can do so. thanks
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Thank you, Hermann!

I've sent you an email, based on the information I've received in your Application Form.

Hell Fredrik .

I am interested to work with you guys.

so please Would you update me? I am eagerly waiting for your reply .....
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Sent you a PM, Chinna!


I am too interested to work in the game, I think that's could be a great experience !!

I would like to do some freelancing. How to contact you?
Sent you guys a PM!

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Considering you're using CryENGINE 3, why not post a message on the Crydev forums? You're bound to run into programmers with extensive knowledge of the engine.

Good choice of engine, by the way :)

Already a thread there, Wazzak, but thank you for the thought!

Haha, indeed!


Having your own FTP-access and SVN-access.

... and I didn't read further. Seriously you are doing development using SVN in 2013? You must be some masochists.
Anything wrong with SVN, raptor?

We find it both userfriendly and easy-to-use for what we need it for; not sure why you would blatter us with such a saying?

It makes life easier when handling many revisions across multiple developers - a lot better than manually adding each new e.g static by hand across the same number of people.


There are lots of things wrong with SVN. The first and foremost is that it can't do branching*. Well, it can theoretically on paper, but in reality it works so poorly, that it can be safely considered as "doesn't work at all".

So now, how can you do serious software development without branching and merging?

*) Oh, actually I'm wrong. Branching works in SVN fine. It is merging that doesn't.
I'm not entirely sure what you base this upon, but both branching and merging works with our version of TortoiseSVN - I, for instance, just used the function recently because of the 3.4.4-version of the CE3 SDK.

But I guess we can't all like the same software, so no hard feelings.

I'm sorry if our project wasn't of interest because of this, Raptor.

Can you merge changes from one branch more than once to another branch in SVN? In the previous company they used SVN, and soon they realized merging in SVN had been such a pain that topic-branches were prohibited.


Joel Spolsky wrote:

“The trouble with distributed version control is that it makes it too easy to branch,” I said, “and branching always causes problems.” Turns out this was wrong, too. I was on a streak. Branching causes problems in Subversion because Subversion doesn’t store enough information to make merging work
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The link to Mercurial's Software looks somewhat bias - easily a salestrick if you read the context, but I won't nag about it.

Whether or not SVN can't/won't store enough information regarding efficient merging/branching is out of my knowledge, unfortunately. It works for what we use it for and that's the reason we're sticking with it; it have never hampered our production and even new Developers can easily pick it up within a few mouseclicks.

If you got more to tell, I suggest we use the PM-function from now-on as I reckon the Admins are a wee-bit tired of non-related talks.


Hey Fredik,

I am also interested to join your team.

Hello Frederik,

I know some C++ but I don't think it is enough to help developing the game. However I know a lot about WW2 and WW2 weapons. I also have experience with testing games. If you are iterested please send me a PM

Kind Regards,
I'm unable to send you an email/PM, Jatin.

Please PM me back if you're still interested.

I know C++ and would absolutely love to be part of a game-development team, though I am not sure if my skills are sufficient. Please PM or Email me and let me know the details as I am very interested in this project!

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