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Looking for C++ Developer with Financial experience (Calgary, Alberta)

We are a boutique quantitative hedge fund headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We have been trading profitably since our inception five years ago, and are now expanding with our own proprietary trading system. We are seeking an experienced C++ developer to help us implement our trades into our system. The ideal candidate must have a thorough understanding of C++, and should:

-Have experience traversing containers that hold other containers, all either from the STL or Boost.
-Should not be afraid of templates which Boost relies on very heavily.
-Understand event driven programming and the concept of asynchronous I/O.
-Profiling Linux programs with gcc to make them run in less time.
-Understanding of different g++/gcc command line options.
-Using gdb.

The role will act as our lead developer, and will head up the future expansion of our development team. This is a chance to play an integral part in the future build out of the business.

The following skills would be a plus:

-Modifying Makefiles, or using CMake.
-Scripting languages (Perl, Python, BASH)
-Some database experience
-Virtuoso level of skill with Linux syslog configuration and diverting its contents to the right places over a network.
-Experience opening holes in firewalls to let our ports pass through unimpeded.
-FIX order handling

We offer an extremely competitive salary commensurate with experience, bonus, and the possibility of a future profit share in the firm. Please send resume and optional cover letter describing your degree of familiarity with the above to: resume54964@gmail.com.

We are not a recruiting firm and will not share your resume with anyone but the owners of this firm.
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