C++ Tutor Needed

Hi guys,

I'm in my 2nd semester of C++ now and I really want to do well and understand it. Is there anyone out there in the North Jersey/NYC area that will be willing to meet once a week for a tutoring session on current class assignments? Preferably someone I can meet weekly or so for the rest of the semester (til May). I've come across $65/hour and I just can't pay that much a week and I'm hoping someone here is able to do a little less. I learn best in person, but will consider other options.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Contact me directly at terripinon@gmail.com


I can be a remote tutor.|)
I recommend vlad from moscow. He/she was very helpful in responding to one of the questions I posted. It looks like he/she knows c++.
I'm pretty sure Vlad is a man's name.

And yes, Vlad knows what he's talking about.
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thanks for the recommendation guys!
Hi you can contact me cronopiomx@gmail.com.
i could do some of your codes and teach you at the same time online.. I'm from the Philippines though..
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