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Experienced developer seeking programmer/partner-in-crime

Hey out there!

My name is Robbie Ogrenix and I'm an independent game developer. I lead the production of a little action RPG with a very dedicated staff of about 12 talented individuals. While the title is still in a relatively early (albeit playable) state it's coming along very nicely! Soon we hope to have it ready for our first public release, along with a Kickstarter campaign to fund further content!

That said, I am looking to branch out and expand my portfolio by adding an additional project. I hope to find a driven and competent partner to undertake this new IP alongside me. The genre of this new title has yet to be determined and I'm excited to discuss that with whoever joins me in it's creation. Traditionally, my comfort zone has been old-school, console-esque RPGs but I would prefer to try something a little different.

I am not a programmer by trade, though I am familiar with working in C, C++, Java and Python. My current project uses SVN so I'm familiar with version control software. Typically, I make music and FX with a program called Famitracker. It only works within the confines of what could be made on a classic 8-bit console, however, so if the project does not have need for that style I would have to familiarize myself with another program. I use Adobe Photoshop for my pixel art and am more than acquainted with the creation of sprite sheets for animation. Predominantly, I fancy myself a director and am something of a wizard when it comes to organization, project management, game design theory and social networking.

If any of this peaks your interest, feel free to respond to this post or shoot me a PM. Thanks for your time!

Kindest regards,
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I forgot to mention -- This is, as you've likely deduced, a non-paying role. I do plan to have a Kickstarter campaign, the success of which would provide an excellent opportunity for profit.

I am interested in your project. I have experience programming and opengl. I use allegro for graphics for the most part, but I've also used SDL and glut/glew for 3D/2d graphics. I am by no means an artist, but I consider myself a fairly good programmer.

PM me for my email and other questions.

Thank you!
Might I suggest a brilliant young programmer to your aid?

She is from St. Louis, Missouri, and her name is Jessica.

She has deivce driver and kernel developingn experience, with C, C++, and Java skills heavilyn trained. She also goes by the name Spoonlicker.
send me a pm if you still want a programmer.
i am senior programmer on a lot of languages, but not good at graphics.
looking to get involved.
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