Need a C++ Tutor

Need a C++ Tutor. I am a first year undergraduate studying C++. I am new to this so I need someone who is patient.
Email me at with your credentials

I can skype with you (or meet if you're nearby. I live in Los Angeles/Burbank Area).

If it goes well, I am willing to do a weekly session with you.

Since I am a college student, finance is very scarce. So after reading this part, I know many will exit this page, haha.

But the most I can pay per session (considering I'll be needing your tutor guidance each week) is $15-$20.

I am a hard working student. At first I may not get it. But when I do, I master it. Thank you.
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Does your university not provide support? You can get a lot for $15-$20 but most places provide help for their classes. Education isn't a competition, you know, you could also get help from your fellow class mates.
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Have you found oneļ¼Ÿ
I am C++ Software Developer with 3 year Exp.
Contact me :
Gmail :
Skype: mota.pratik
The best teacher is youtube, just search and get the best video lecture.
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