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help needed in client server program

I need to create a client server program where the client gets the ip address of the server is connected to.
The server can be local or remote

its in c++ using visual studios

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hello, says a little more detalles.....
beginner123, The Problem you mentioned can be very easily done in JAVA, in C++ it would be detailed, But for client server based app i would prefer Java, So if you are interested in it (Its a few line self explanatory code). I can provide it to you.
Look for WinSock2 tutorials. This should point you in the correct direction.
@cronopio: I posted all the code here http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/95307/

@Atyabl: no the program must be in c++
no the program must be in c++
Sounds like homework. You should know better than to ask.
no its not homework. I am currently on work placement from college and this is my first job. I am unsure what to do so I asked for help.

I have actually solved this problem but now have another one:
I have never used MFC before and now I must created a client server program in MFC.

I have a list box and a button (this is the server). When the button is clicked i want all the client's ip addresses that have connected to the server displayed in the list box.

so the clients are waiting to connect to a server. when i click the button to search for clients, the clients connects and their ip addresses are displayed in the list box
Please take a look at this thread. If you're still stuck, let us know.
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