Advanced C++ Tutor Needed !

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I am a Advanced C++ ,learner with brilliant attitude towards learning new things in C++ and other Computer techniques.I am only 13 years old. I am wanting to learn Inline Hooking in C++. I would pay if someone would teach me Inline Hooking.

You must be able to teach me:

1. API hooking (Inline Hooking)
2. DLL injections
3. Global API hooking (Inline Hooking)

also should have real-time experience in C++ and Indian Nationality.

If you are able to teach me those following please Post here regarding this subject and also please PM me for more Information.

Final Preferences:
1. Can chat & take classes using Skype.
2. His\Her teaching methods must be easy to understand.
3. Has good programming techniques.
4. Strong Programming methodology.

If you fall into all of the categories It is almost guaranteed you will be picked for this following Job.

Student skills & abilities:

1. Will concentrate during Classes with tutor
2. Will be respectful towards tutor
3. Will also be very flexible towards tutor timings.
4. Understands & learns new things very quickly.

5. Mature towards learning.

6. May ask questions along the classes if STUCK on a issue relating to Inline hooking or other hooking types.

7. Intelligent in Computer & Logic problems.
8. If a homework is set , I will complete the homework on time.

Please feel Free to PM me regarding this subject.
NOTE: You may check my previous posts in this forum to see my skill level.

Kind Regards,
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Cyberwarfare wrote:
"also should have real-time experience in C++ and Indian Nationality."

Firstly, real-time experience? Secondly, Indian nationality? Did you mean Asian? Finally, why does the nationality matter? If someone who's Swedish, for example, has exceptional talent in regards to both C++ and Windows' API, would you turn them down because they aren't Asian?

Any road, "I am a Advanced C++" is overselling yourself; beginner, perhaps.

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I guess it's not illegal to discriminate by race or nationality in India.
Framework wrote:
Secondly, Indian nationality? Did you mean Asian?
Since when is Asia a nation?

I assume he wants someone that speaks his native tongue which, IMO is understandable but certainly limits prospective tutors.
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I need someone who speaks my native tongue and also I am just saying Advanced considering I am programming Advanced C++ since if I say I am a novice. It would make tutors go away and say I need to learn.

also the job is still open.

I am also not discriminating any one since I want someone who speaks native tongue so you see.

naraku9333 wrote:
Since when is Asia a nation?

It is not, but you can be Asian (or American or European or African or Australian)
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