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C++ / DirectX 9 assistant needed

i am currently upgrade a quite old project (A 3D Client/Server Game) from the year 2002 up to DirectX 9c and VS110 compiler.
I do need an assistant for c++ support for several problems apprearing while the upgrade.
Currently open bugs are in Vector ordering, .x Mesh animation, Directx Effect, and 2D Sprite (Interface) drawing.

If you can find time and have knownledge in some of this areas i listed, please feel free to message me via PM, i am open to pay good for your time and work.
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I am noting that this project is already running with the outdated compiler ect (PM for further informations).
In my opinion this is a project with future.
I am quite proficient in OpenGL and general 3d programming, and I could probably pick up DirectX.
If you want I could help convert your project to OpenGL, which is a better graphics API IMHO.
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